12 Hot Women

No Plot! No Story! Just 12 Hot Women!

Short films are so artsy and pretentious. We cut through all the veneer and bring you only exactly what you want to see.

From the producers of such blockbuster hits as Chicks On Trampolines and Swedish Bikini Girls come veteran director extraordinaire Alan Chan’s vision of a world where the the hot women aren’t just supermodels, they’re also SECRET AGENTS – part of the elite super-secret crimefighting organization OMEGA OMEGA. Led by the mysterious leader codenamed Agent HBL, these hot women battle injustice and fight to maintain freedom and the American Way – and they look hot while doing it.

Conceived and released in the early 00s, 12 Hot Women became one of the vanguard shorts that would fuel the nascent watch-your-movies-online mindset. In addition to winning multiple awards in various film festivals, 12 Hot Women was also licensed to Atomfilms, where it racked up 1+ million hits in the early days of streaming video

* (yeah, we know there’s thirteen women in the lineup. It’s a baker’s dozen)


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