Shot in the desolate desert mountains of New Mexico in 2011, Loop was conceived when yours truly found himself with a three-month long work hiatus in between vfx work on ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. The project sat on the edit and vfx post table for a while after due to hectic work schedules. It was only after Rian Johnson announced an upcoming time travel movie called Looper that yours truly really got into gear to finish the project in order to not be labeled copycats!

New Mexico’s unique geography and history helped to define the central core of the story. On the drive down from Los Alamos, for example, if you know where to look you can actually see a geologic formation called Black Mesa – a name of some infamy amongst gamers.

Combining the themes of top secret military installations, government conspiracies, a little taste of Lambda Core and Aperture Science, and framing it against the beautiful barren remoteness of New Mexico, gave us the seed for the idea that would eventually become Ophelia’s temporal loop story.

Loop was completed and released onto the festival circuit in 2012.


Watch on Youtube>>



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