Postcards From The Future

Postcards From The Future‘ is an award-winning 4k short form feature that explores our future in space – seen through the eyes of civilian electrical engineer Sean Everman. Entrusted with the task of helping to build out the power grid on the Moonbase, Sean occasionally sends video postcards to his wife back on Earth. Over the epic course of the story, these postcards from our possible future reveal in exquisite detail the grand adventure that we are about to embark on..

Produced in 2007, Postcards pioneered the 4K digital production pipeline, shooting on the then-experimental Dalsa Origin camera, to capture in ultra-high resolution a glimpse of our possible future in space exploration.

Postcards is written and directed by Alan Chan, an industry visual effects veteran whose feature film credits include Academy Award winning films such as Jim Cameron’s “Titanic“, “Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers” and “Polar Express“.


Production Stills


Onset photos

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