Ring Road

Ring Road is an experimental short shot over the course of a single summer day in 2005 with rough storyboards and an improvised script.

For those of us who live on the West Coast and especially near the beach, the Pacific Coast Highway (Interstate Highway 1, or PCH as it is more commonly referred to) holds a certain mystique and fascination. You might even call it an unspoken myth. Stretching from the border of Mexico all the way up the California coastline, it is the most westerly Interstate Highway before you reach the Pacific Ocean – the last great road before the end of the world. Driving down the PCH with the right selection of music comes close to an uplifting religious experience – you start to imagine that you can just keep driving and driving and that the day will never end. Life is born and passes and is resurrected on the PCH.

In my attempt to capture that feeling, we took a page from an old Alan Moore short story, the title of which we pay tribute to, and spent a day driving down our stretch of the PCH to tell the simple story of two people traveling life’s journey on a road that never ends.

Kelsey Link plays the hippie hitchhiker who accepts a ride from Luke Hubbard – their journey down PCH is their own personal story of young love, change, continuance, loneliness, and return, set to music from the last highway.


Ye olde press kit >>

Watch on vimeo >>

Polaroids from the edge of the world


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